Will Dykstra, Chair

Scott Huss, Vise-chair

Jon Stocker, Treasurer

I was born and raised in a small town in northern Illinois.  After traveling far and wide for school, I landed in North Carolina almost 18 years ago for work.  I met my wife in NC and have been blessed with two wonderful kids, Hannah and Daniel.  I grew up in a Christian family and really made my faith my own while in college.  God has been awesome and faithful at every turn of my life, blessing me beyond imagination!  I enjoy working out, sports and music with the kids, and reading a good sci-fi or theology book.




Carol Reightler, Financial Secretary

I’ve been attending Westhigh ECC for several years, having moved to Apex from Maryland in 2009.   Much of my free time is spent making quilts to donate to children in hospitals, and for veterans of our armed forces who have been touched by war. I continue to grow in my relationship with Christ through scripture-based messages, and the support of believers in various  small groups.





Mike Schroeder, Member-at-large & Pastor Relations Committee

Kathryn Fiebich Administrative Assistant


I grew up in Beaufort, NC but lived in St Louis, MO and Los Angeles, CA most of my adult life.  My family and I moved back East about 3 years ago to be closer to my parents. I’m the mother of 2 interesting and funny young people; Calvin, age 12, and Chelsea, age 10.  Currently, my hobbies include getting my children (and hubby) where they need to be and making sure they are clothed and fed. Every now and again I read, exercise, and  take art classes.



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