Congregational Vitality

Vitality is about life, passion, and awakening.  It is a journey, not a program or a goal.

Congregational Vitality is the byproduct of doing good ministry over a long period of time and the Holy Spirit breathing life into the heart of the congregation.

The Evangelical Covenant Church has created a “Vitality Pathway” designed to help churches become more healthy and missional.  “Healthy” means pursuing Christ and “Missional” means pursuing Christ’s priorities in the world.  (Short video overview) 

The Vitality Pathway is a well-designed process that was developed after many years of experience assessing churches and helping churches become more healthy and missional – and it applies to all churches, regardless of what their current size and situation is.  Westhigh Evangelical Church started this process in November 2016 and we are looking forward to the insights and initiatives this process will bring to our church. 

Summary of key steps 





Annual kick-off event for churches starting the Vitality Pathway

Attended Nov 4-6, 2016

(Pastor Eric, Brian Teborek, Greg Huber)


A church-wide workshop focused on the language of vitality, the four types of churches, the 10 healthy missional markers, and the importance of truth-telling

Completed Jan 29, 2017

(Broad consensus that we want to be a more healthy, missional church)

Vitality Team

A team to keep the conversation about Vitality alive and to facilitate the church’s journey through the Vitality Pathway

Started meeting Mar 1, 2017

(Brian Teborek [lead], Pastor Eric, Lynne Farrow, Becca Cumby, Amy Beisel, Scott Huss, Greg Huber)

Behavioral Covenant

An agreement on how to communicate in ways that that are civil, compassionate, and Christ-honoring even when there are disagreements (Behavioral Covenant)

Congregation Review May 28, 2017 


“Empowering People, Inspiring Change” – a church-wide workshop focused on how to make the changes necessary to become more healthy and missional

Planned for Jun 3, 2017

Consecration Service

A church service of re-dedication to where God is leading our church

Planned for Jun 4, 2017


A church-wide survey that serves as a vitality assessment tool centered on the 10 healthy missional markers

Planned for July 2017

Dream Again

(Formally One)


A church-wide workshop focused on strategic ministry planning that is unifying, guided by the Holy Spirit, about our Father’s business, and in tune with how God is at work

September 8-9, 2017

After the process has been completed the PULSE survey is taken periodically as a congregation-wide check on progress.

In parallel with this, Pastor Eric participates in “Co-op”, a program to help pastors lead strategically and organizationally. 

The 10 Healthy Missional Markers

will be the subject of Pastor Eric’s sermon series through mid-July.  They are listed below and available with more detail here (10-Healthy-Missional-Markers)

  • Centrality of the Word of God
  • Life transforming walk with Jesus
  • Intentional evangelism
  • Transforming communities through active compassion, mercy, and justice ministries
  • Global perspective and engagement
  • Compelling Christian community
  • Heartfelt worship
  • Sacrificial living and giving
  • Culture of godly leadership
  • Fruitful organizational structures